Anthony Edwards is a Human Highlight Reel

Written by schultzyca

Sheesh the NBA is back (well preseason that is) but the Ant man is showing off his freakish athletic ability yet again.

That man can fly, this past draft class was very interesting and I believe there was a lot of talent in this draft that will develop over the years but I think it is save to say that Edwards could very well be the best in the class. I love Lamelo and I think he will be a superstar but Ant is that dude. Plain and simple. He is going to be a STAR.

He is so fun to watch, and to root for because he is so funny. But this guy is big time and it is just crazy some of the things he can do on the court.

I cannot wait to see the leaps that Edwards take in year two in the league. The Timberwolves probably won’t be good again, but Ant will certainly be fun to watch. I wish the best for him and the Wolves!

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