Another Gamer Thinks Sports are Easy

Written by Nick30muench

Can we all officially agree that video game streamers shouldn’t comment on how easy sports are? Every sport and close to every profession requires the person doing it to do something well. Shitting on guys that travel all night just to play the next day, while sitting in a gaming chair streaming seems a little egregious to me.

Baseball is easy? Let’s try these out for size.

The last tweet is exactly right. I think people who have never been around the game and only watch on tv or the occasional ballpark visit, don’t know how hard it truly is. Why do people who know nothing about the sport, get to say how easy it is? I know almost nothing about soccer, and yeah if I went to watch 11 year old soccer I would probably think it’s easy. But I’m sure if I went out against professional soccer players, I would look like a dumbass.

We saw the same thing with Ninja commenting on NFL kickers a while back.

This is the response a lot of YouTubers and gamers get, that they sit in a comfy chair in a air conditioned room playing video games… so how can you comment on professional athletes that push their bodies everyday through any and all weather conditions? Which is true yes, but Ninja does have a point that fortnite has a lot of factors while playing. What he forgets is that not only kicking, but all positions in all sports have many factors as well. If the wind is blowing straight in, you’ll kick it different than if it’s blowing straight out. Just like a baseball player will have to field a fly ball different based on the wind/weather.

People love to bag on things that look easy, but Pat McAfee had to make sure the brand is always respected.

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