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Another ‘Let Them Play’ Rally Planned for This Friday

The group that started the ‘#LetThemPlay’ movement for high school football and sports teams across the state of Michigan has upcoming another rally planned.

This time, it is expected to be bigger than the previous one back in the summer.

Jack Hall of the Radio Results Network reports the group’s upcoming event will be named as the ‘#letthemplay RALLY for Mental Health of Michigan’s Kids!’

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The rally is about trying to spread awareness of the mental health of high school students and athletes.

“Michigan’s kids have been ignored for too long! Their mental health needs attention from those making decisions to continually take away school, sports, and all activities,” the event said in its description.

“They have been obeying every rule and have had ZERO hospitalizations or deaths traced to fall sports. They need school, sports, and activities….. their MENTAL HEALTH depends on it.”

The rally is set to on Friday for 3 to 5 pm, and it will be occurring rain or shine.

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