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Another Glen Taylor Protestor Interrupts Timberwolves Playoff Game; This Time, She Was Chained to the Hoop (Video)

Written by Nate

The viral protest that happened in a prior Minnesota Timberwolves play-in game towards their former owner, Glen Taylor, is now becoming a trend—and not in a good way.

Earlier Saturday afternoon, another protester/animal rights activist caused a delay in the second quarter of Game 1 in Minnesota’s playoff series against the 2-seed Memphis Grizzlies.

You can see in the clips below, she disguised herself with a towel before being chained during free throws by Minnesota’s Taurean Prince.

There were also footage of confetti being thrown on to the court as the teams were going back on play.

Just like the one fan from a couple days ago in Minneapolis, this woman here also wore a shirt that reads ‘Glen Taylor Roasts Animals Alive’ on it. Wednesday’s prior protester was taken away after she glued herself on to the court during Minnesota’s play-in game.

Both ladies wore those shirts as they were trying to protest Taylor for a reported story that chickens were being killed on Taylor’s farm due to a bird flu outbreak there.

We’ll repeat what we said on our first story on these stunts: hopefully the NBA and security don’t let this become a trend.

People have a right to be upset about certain topics, but it would be very stupid for someone to purchase tickets and make a fool of themselves protesting some that happened outside an NBA game.

Besides, it is reported Taylor doesn’t own the Timberwolves anymore. That’s what these incidents more embarrassing.

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