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Another Day, Another Bad Carlos Monarrez Take on the Detroit Lions; Will This Guy Ever Shut Up?

Headline aside, I will go on a rant here.

This is about one of the worst writers in the Detroit sports media and most Detroit Lions fans who look for articles on social media, they don’t like this guy at all.

It’s about Detroit Free Press beat writer Carlos Monarrez, the guy always finds way to spew hot takes and tweets to rile up the fanbase and just comes across as a moron, someone who makes Skip Bayless look likable. And his recent tweet proves it.

He written a column yesterday about Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell, who reportedly turned down a huge, eight-year offer to be Lions’ head coach. While Detroit gotten another Campbell, in Dan, it didn’t stop Carlos from calling the prior rejection as ‘another black eye.’

Except fellow Free Press writer Dave Birkett debunked his story quickly and said that the team never offered Matt a contract to coach them.

With all the comments, you see there, he deserved that ratio. Carlos also got some quote tweets from Lions fans as well.

Keep in mind, this is also the same writer who defended and ran with a story from a fellow employee in Marlowe Alter, who exposed himself as a hypocrite after making an article about Dan Campbell who allegedly said a gay slur back in his time at Texas A & M, yet had multiple tweets of with slurs in them as well.

Alter has not tweeted on the platform since the article, and it is unknown if he is still employed the Free Press.

Monarrez’s hot takes may be worth for money and having pay walls and stuff, but when he is legit wrong on almost every single one, he needs to be addressed on stop doing them.

As what one Twitter user said in a reply above, he is the ‘large black eye’ in Detroit sports journalism. Please do us Lions fans a favor and shut up already, Carlos.

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