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Angela Marsden, Sherman Oaks (Ca.) Bar Owner Who’s Rant Went Viral, Allegedly Received Death Threats

Written by Nate

Remember Angela Marsden? The Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles suburb) bar owner who’s rant and video went viral calling out California governor Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti for their hypocrisy surrounding their COVID-19 rules?

Well, it is a couple weeks removed from that famous video, and it appears that she has received death threats as a result.

In a video by Lisa Daftari shared by Ashley St. Clair, Marsden went on Daftari’s ‘The Foreign Desk’ podcast and explained that she had a handful of threats directed to her and staff after that video. Such threats include a couple wanting her to die and or her staff to get the virus.

For those who don’t remember, Marsden’s viral rant was about the controversy and hypocrisy surrounding small businesses around not just in L.A., but in the state.

In the video, Marsden said she had to close down her business due to the current stay-at-home order placed for the city, which banned outdoor dining, along with indoor dining. But was shocked to see that a Garcetti-approved patio was built across the lot from bar.

Not a cool move by some of the people and/or residents to threaten an owner who just simply wants to work and provide some income for her family.

Hopefully a lot of people will think twice about those struggling with their small businesses this holiday season, because they can use our service and business that they need during this horrible year.

Feel free to read the original blog regarding Marsden and her viral video down below.

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