Andrew’s Top 3: Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

The 2022 NFL Season is less than 100 days away, so Fantasy Football Managers are starting to think about who they are going to try and draft as their QB. Here’s my Top 3 FFB Quarterbacks:

  1. Patrick Mahomes – In 2021, Mahomes’ stats were 4,838 yards passing, a 66% completion percentage, 37 passing TD’s, 13 interceptions. Everyone knows that Mahomes is a certified play maker, so that’s why a lot of FFB Managers try to draft Mahomes, with their first pick. The Chiefs QB has many accolades in his young career, so far, so why not pick Mahomes as your QB, right? In 2021, Mahomes had 361 FFB Points. My 2022 Fantasy Football Points Prediction is 400.
  2. Josh Allen – In 2021, Allen’s stats were 4,407 yards passing, a 63% completion percentage, 36 passing TD’s, 15 interceptions. Josh Allen has emerged as one of the best QB’s in the NFL, and we have all seen him make some really big plays. Also, he can run the football, too, so that kind of makes him a dual-threat QB. Allen has a ton of talent on his Offense, so that makes him very dangerous, and could get a lot of Fantasy Football Managers a lot of points. In 2021, Allen had 402 FFB Points. My 2022 Fantasy Football Points Prediction is 385.
  3. Tom Brady – In 2021, Brady’s stats were 5,316 passing yards, a 67% completion percentage, 43 passing TD’s, 12 interceptions. We all know who Tom Brady and we know how good he is. He has a very talented offensive cast around him, too. Godwim and Evans are arguably the best WR tandem, in all of the NFL. Plus, if Gronk come back, then he’s almost unstoppable. Would you draft him with your first Fantasy Football Draft Pick? In 2021, Brady had 374 FFB Points. My 2022 Fantasy Football Points Prediction is 360.

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