Yang Gang! What a run it’s been. According to reports businessman Andrew Yang has suspended his run at becoming the Democratic nominee.

I, like many, joined the Yang Gang after hearing Andrew on the Joe Rogan podcast. I did multiple blogs supporting Yang, and his ideas. He was unlike anyone else running.

I’d like to personally thank Andrew Yang for bringing new ideas to the political field. He didn’t have to run for President, he didn’t have to hold more events than other Democratic nominees… but he did. He truly wants nothing but the best for America. I respect that.

The main idea he was running on Universal Basic Income made no sense to me, I didn’t understand it. I noticed that automation was coming, but I never noticed how bad that it’s getting and how many jobs will be lost. After listening and following Andrew it all started clicking.

I wish that Andrew would have been able to stick around more – but the DNC has been trying to push him out since day 1. He stuck around longer than anyone thought that he would. He failed to reach his $2M goal over the past couple days, and without money it’s hard to compete.

I don’t want to say it… but Trump will win 2020. Yang will be back in 2024? Hopefully.

Here is what Andrew posted today: