Andrew Wiggins Will Play For The Guangdong Tigers Next Season

Written by schultzyca

Andrew Wiggins can say he had the worst ‘play in’ performance of all time. I have no clue how this man was a first overall pick this dude is not very good at basketball. I have never seen a basket physical shake when someone shot a basket until tonight. Watching Wiggins shoot the ball tonight was painful, I mean he was no where remotely close.

Twitter sure is and is having a field day goofing on the guy and you have to feel for him. But he certainly will have a roster spot on the Guangdong Tigers next season because he has no business in the NBA after tonights performance.

Hopefully Klay Thompson can play next year at full capacity next season because the Warriors dynasty is quickly crumpling if not. Anyways I wish Wiggins the best on his next endeavor because he certainly will not be employed by any NBA team any time soon.

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