I don’t think there’s anything funnier than Andrew Tate’s rise on social media. His videos that have gone viral everywhere have to be some of the most unironically funny videos to come across my for you page on TikTok. 

There are influencers who are calling for him to be banned because of what he is “teaching”young men. He’s taken Donald Trump’s spot in the media. Perhaps I’m too old to really speak for the youth of America, but I can’t imagine he was anything more than an ironic thing to recite at the lunch table in middle schools. He’s an odd character and I don’t think anyone that wasn’t a misogynist before actually takes what he says as words of wisdom.

He calls himself “Top G” but I believe I could make Andrew Tate cry just buy telling him he’s gay. I could go up to him and tell him people are saying he’s gay, sources close to you are tellng me you told them in confidence. He’d try and punch me I’m sure but I could spinzone that into him just wanting to touch me because he’s gay, and he would hate that. He would ask me what color my Bugatti is and I would just say me not having one doesn’t make you any less gay. 


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