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Andrew Luck Surprised Players By Attending Practice; NFL Return Imminent?

Written by Chris Powers

Andrew Luck famously retired from the NFL IN August of 2019. It shocked many because he was just drafted in 2012 by the Indianapolis Colts. He was primed to be the replacement to Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning, and quite the replacement he was.

But for whatever reason, Luck decided to call it a career in 2019 to the shock of many, especially Indianapolis Colts fans.

However, Luck recently returned to the practice field surprising many. According to, Luck recently visited a local high school in Colorado to watch their practice.

According to, Luck reached out to one of the schools coaches and asked if he could sto by the practice.

It was Summit High School assistant football coach Rob Gannon who looked down at his iPhone on a Tuesday in July to see an Indianapolis phone number he didn’t recognize. He let the call go to voicemail. When he listened back, he heard the voice of a 31-year-old who also loves skiing in Summit County: retired Indianapolis Colts franchise quarterback Andrew Luck.

While many are speculating that this could be Luck’s way of showing he is interested in returning to the NFL, I don’t necessarily think it is. However, we would all be. Rey fortunate to see Luck step on an NFL field again one day.

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