Pinch me…. am I on this earth.l? Andrew Heaney, yes that one, is signing with the Dodgers. The freakin’ Dodgers, on a one year, 8 million dollar deal.

8….million….dollars. What a world we live in huh? What could the Dodgers possibly see in this man besides the facts he is a good pitcher for batting practice. This goes to show that the Dodgers truly have unlimited money to spend.

The man had a 7.32 ERA when he joined the Yankees along with allowing 13 home runs in 12 games, with 5 of those games being starts.

I actually can’t believe what I’m writing right now. Are we all missing something here? Why do the Dodgers want him? Listen I’m not complaining, I’m just so curious. It hasn’t worked anywhere yet.

I’m kind of set on the idea that they really want a pitcher that throws good batting practice to their players so that they have the best game preparation in baseball. Listen, if the game prep works, then why not?

This comes after the fact that Kershaw did not receive the qualifying offer due to some injury concerns, so are they really thinking that Heaney is the answer to that problem. Oh boy, this is something to watch out for. I’m just going to sit on the train now in pure confusion. Carry on with your lives now.


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