Andre Rison on Assistant Coach Striking Him During Career at Michigan State: ‘That Man Had No Right to Hit Me’

Written by Nate

Former Michigan State Spartan and Super Bowl champion wide receiver with the Green Bay Packers, Andre Rison, shared some interesting news during his playing career in college.

Rison said to ESPN via an article to Kyle Austin of that one MSU assistant coach slapped him in the face during pregame at a 1986 away game at Illinois.

The coach turns out to be Carl ‘Buck’ Nystrom, whose son, Kyle Nystrom, is the current head football coach at Northern Michigan University (NMU).

“When the coach slapped me, the whole room got silent and Mark Ingram Sr. put his arm around me. I shed a tear. I had never been struck by a grown man,” Rison said in the post. “That man had no right to hit me.”

“We were real close to [having learned] that, but not like this generation of professional athletes, so that’s why I commend them for how they stand up and protest and the way they do for racial change”

Rison did not reveal the news for over 30 years, but felt he had to because of the current issues surrounding racism in society and in sports.

Despite being reached out multiple times, NMU and Michigan State did not comment on the story.

Buck Nystrom played offensive line at MSU, leading the team to Rose Bowl wins in the 1950s. He also was a volunteer assistant/offensive line coach under his son for a couple seasons prior to present day.

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