Anderson Silva Vs Tito Ortiz In A BOXING Match Has Been Announced And Tito Is Out His Mind For Taking This Fight

Written by joeowenz

I don’t understand why this fight is happening, we have two 46 year old former MMA fighters in a boxing match. Someone needs to explain to me where this is coming from and why, my guess is that Tito is in need of a paycheck and just taking the Ben Askren route because he’s gonna get beat the fuck up. I say that as a fan of both these fighters though, Spider just showed he’s still got it in him and can box when he beat Chávez Jr, which was stunning to so many people.

The fight is looking to be scheduled for September 11th, and will be hosted by Triller. Seeing that Triller is involved makes a little bit more sense now, this is just going to be like Jake vs Ben but this time it’s going to last longer than your dad in bed. Tito’s last two fights were not great showings for him even though he won. His last fight was against Alberto Del Rio, a fucking WWE star and he just did a lot of ground work and was able to get a submission on him. It was damn near just a wrestling match and honestly my guy KB at barstool would have taken down Alberto quicker than Tito.

 Tito’s second to last fight was this one against Chuck Liddell. My boy Chuck was too old and basically washed up for that fight and Tito saw the perfect opportunity and he wasn’t great either he was just in better shape at the time. Anderson Silva is an absolute fucking legend and he’s shown too he has boxing skill as well, in my opinion Tito wouldn’t beat Anderson in a MMA or a boxing match. Shit I guess we’ll see though coming September 11th. Silva has been training I know that especially because his recent boxing match, so what everyone is wondering is how much has Tito been staying in shape and keeping his skills sharp? It’s going to be a pretty ass bag for the both of them though.

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