Anderson Silva vs Logan Paul has to happen

Written by Noah Gagnon

Last night, reports came out stating that an Anderson Silva vs Logan Paul boxing match is in the works. I NEED to see this fight. Oddly enough, Logan’s boxing stock is riding pretty high right now after putting on a respectful performance against Floyd Mayweather, and Silva just beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. So, why not have these guys fight?

And, from an entertainment standpoint, this is an all-time bout. There probably wouldn’t be much trash talk, as Silva’s English is far from perfect, but this would be unreal inside the ring. First off, Anderson is certainly the most entertaining striker I’ve ever seen. His head movement is unreal, he throws punches that nobody sees coming, and he literally looks like he’s operating inside of the matrix when he’s fighting. On top of it all, he taunts dudes as he’s destroying them. He was doing it to Julio Cesar Chaves Jr. by dropping his hands and baiting him into throwing awful punches, so I can’t even imagine what he’d do to Logan. How awesome would it be to watch 46-year-old Anderson Silva make a complete mockery of Logan Paul? It would be the highlight of my year!

If this fight does end up happening, it better be an official fight, not some exhibition like the Mayweather bout. I don’t see why they wouldn’t. Silva and Paul are the same sizes, have the same amount of professional boxing experience, and the fact that there’s definitely going to be a winner makes the fight that much more intriguing. In all honesty, this fight gets me so excited that I might actually buy it, and not illegally stream it from some crackhouse in the Bahamas.

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