An Athlete on the Mount Rushmore of “Greatest of All Time” Has Four Legs.

Imagine a blood-red sunset sky illuminating the beautiful athletic Mount Rushmore. Located in-between Brady, Gretzki and Ruth isn’t even a human head, but rather a very docile-eyed bull with the tip of its horns shaved down. Who is that? As you ask those around you, you learn no one else seems to know either.

Well ladies and gents, I’m here to sing the Ballard of arguably one of the best athletes to grace the sporting world. His name is Bushwacker and you need to memorize that name. Even if you don’t care about Bull Riding, a sports fan cannot call themselves a sports fan if they don’t recognize and respect elite, athletic greatness.

No athlete has stood above the rest of the competition in any sport as much as the coffee-stained, white speckled faced Bull by the name of Bushwacker. This 1,750lb animal has statistically dominated the rest of the competition throughout his five year career from 2009-2014.

Bushwacker has been retired for nearly six years now and still sits at the top of the leaderboard for the only statistic that really matters; buck offs. Bushwacker was rode a total of 66 times during his career and had a jaw-dropping record of 64-2 (96.55% buck off percentage) and an average judges score of 23.009. (probullstats.com).

Today’s current top 10 bulls don’t come close to the numbers Bushwacker put up.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZbUy6i0FoA]

He still holds the record of most consecutive buck-offs at 42­. Oh… and don’t forget he was featured in ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue for being “the baddest body in sports.”

J.B Mauney, now ranked 29th worldwide, was PBR’s American Rockstar. Not only was charismatic and exciting with the biggest fan following, he is considered one of the best bull riders of all time. Mauney was one of the lucky two riders to have rode Bushwacker for 8 seconds. He was thrown off him 13 times before this legendary ride in 2014. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBhfAA76luo?t=53s]

He had this to say about the snorting, spittin’ monster shortly after his first successful ride, 

“I hung on to him long enough for them to say I made the whistle, but in my eyes he is the greatest bucking bull there will ever be,” Mauney said. “People will raise bulls their entire life and they will never have a bull like Bushwacker.”

Bushwacker retired in October of 2014 and now comfortably lives on a ranch surrounded by 20 females where a tube of his sperm sells for $10k–– A deserving end for a legend that was so beloved and feared at the same time. The best to ever do it. 

Read this Sports Illustrated Article to learn the full (tear-jerking) story:



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