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An All Elite Wrestling Video Game Could Be In the Works

Written by Robert Workman

Things have been rather quiet on the video game wrestling front this year – which is a little surprising. WWE 2K20 is coming up this fall, but we have yet to hear anything official about it. Of course, we also have Fire Pro Wrestling World, which is pretty nice. But…what about something else?

Well, it appears that a game based on All Elite Wrestling could be right around the corner. One of the Young Bucks, the tag team that currently made waves tonight at Fight of the Fallen with a win over the Rhodes Brothers, confirmed via Destructoid that their own game could be happening.

While speaking with YouTuber Chris Van Vliet, Nick and Matt Jackson confirmed off-camera that there is a game in the works. They didn’t say who was developing it, or when we could expect it, but that it would be “a little bit of everything.” But before they could say anything else, someone gestured them to not speak further on the subject.

There’s a slight chance we could hear more about the game this fall, possibly when the All Elite Wrestling show begins to make its debut on TNT. But it’s good news all the same, considering that the only real competition out there right now, as we said, is Fire Pro Wrestling and whatever’s happening with WWE 2K20. Hopefully, with Summerslam looming, we’ll hear SOMETHING that’s going to be happening with that game soon.

As for AEW, here’s hoping that group tries a different approach with their game. Go for something arcade-style, maybe? AEW All Stars does have a nice ring to it…

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