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“America’s Leg” Pat McAfee’s Reaction to this Marquette King Touchback Has Me in Stitches – @PatMcAfeeShow

Written by tRy25

I’ve been laughing about this for 24 hours now. While teaching 5th grade Physical Education class today (gym is a location, not a class. Have some respect) I was saying “what is he doing?!” every time a kid let someone blow by him during capture the flag.

When little Jimmy would attempt to dive into the safe zone at full speed at 9:18am and tear every ligament in Stephanie’s knee Pat’s commentary would echo in my brain. Me, screaming “JUST DON’T EVEN TOUCH IT” when my kindergarteners huddle around the fresh vomit Zachary offered up on the foul line 5 minutes into class.

Just beautiful commentary here by America’s Leg Pat McAfee. All sorts of fired up for maybe the most electric punter we’ve ever seen in Marquette King and his dumbass teammate runs at 65mph to knock it into the end zone for a touchback. There’s a reason number 58 is in the XFL not the NFL folks.

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