Kim Kardashian vs Amanda Nunes Coming To A Pay-Per-View Near You?

Written by Incognito

Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition “fight” versus Logan Paul opened up the floodgates to the circus acts of the future. Arguably the greatest fighter of all-time with a record of 50-0 fought a YouTuber and is slated to make $50-$100 million from the event. Those numbers would be enticing to anybody no matter what belts you possess or what position you think you hold in your respective sport or field.

Logan Paul leveraged his star power and social media presence to garner the attention of Floyd Mayweather and the rest is history. Even before this shit show, there have been other circus acts, but not this magnitude:

  • YouTuber Jake Paul v former NBA star Nate Robinson
  • wrestling entertainer CM Punk v UFC welterweight Mickey Gall
  • YouTuber Jake Paul v former UFC welterweight Ben Askren

Whether anyone likes to admit it or not, there is a market for these types of fights as long as people buy into them. If you play with clowns, expect a circus.

Dana White spoke with TMZ Sports and made the shocking comment that Amanda Nunes v Kim Kardashian would do gangbusters. Watch the clip below.

A fight like this seemed so far-off years ago, but I wouldn’t be shocked if something like this came to fruition. Kim Kardashian will do anything for a quick buck/attention and God knows MMA fighters need to collect paychecks for as long as they can. Amanda Nunes entertained Dana’s comments with the following tweet.

We all would like to think we’re above the fray, but let’s be honest…. we would all tune-in to see these two ladies “fight” it out. It relates back to the greater notion that we are all intrigued and entertained by the circus. As long as we continue to entertain these bullshit “fights,” they’ll continue to charge us $50 pay-per-view.

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