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Allie Rae: From Nurse To OnlyFans Superstar

Written by Incognito

Former neonatal nurse turned OnlyFans superstar, Allie Rae, is making headlines for her online following and making a stand against her previous employer. Would you let her take your temperature?

Allie Rae isn’t your typical OnlyFans star, she’s certainly had a colorful past. She joined the Navy at 17 and witnessed the devastation of Hurricane Katrina firsthand. She got married at 18 and had two children. She went on to hold a marketing position and then went back to nursing school. She thrived in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), where she took care of sick infants during her 14-hour days.

Rae was a superstar nurse and thrived for 9 years until some nurses in her unit found her risque photos online. Rae never disclosed her identity online and used an alias, but these coworkers still managed to stumble across her photos. In March 2021, in true mean girls fashion, those coworkers subscribed to Rae’s OnlyFans and reported it to the hospital. The hospital gave Rae an ultimatum, delete the account or you’re no longer associated with the hospital. Rae handed in her walking papers.

According to Yahoo, Rae said the following regarding her departure from her nursing job, “The stigma against people in the sex-work industry and OnlyFans ran a really good nurse out the hospital…I don’t even need the money. I was making more money on OnlyFans than I was as a nurse and was only doing it because I loved it.”

It’s sad to see a quality and passionate nurse go because society hasn’t fully accepted sex workers or anything even close, ie, provocative models, etc. Rae has built a strong online following that was boosted by the pandemic as people were stuck home and left to their own devices. Rae made $8000 her first month on Only Fans and has graduated to generating $65,000-$70,000 a month.

Her OnlyFans includes nude photos, masturbating videos, and performing sexual acts with her husband. From superstar nurse to OnlyFans juggernaut, subscribe to Allie Rae’s OnlyFans for quality content.

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