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Allen Signs Contract With Philadelphia Eagles In Surprise Move; Jalen Hurts On The Trade Block?

Written by Chris Powers

What a wild ride the NFL off-season has been in 2022. Sometimes the drama in the off-season is just as exciting than the actual season itself. There seems to be a record number of quarterback changes throughout the NFL from Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan, DeSHaun Watson, Russell Wilson, Mitchell Trubisky, and likely Baker Mayfield in the coming month or two.

As far as the Philadelphia Eagles go, it seems that they seem to be pretty set with the idea that Jalen Hurts is their starting quarterback heading into 2022. With that said, the chances of seeing Hurts traded any time soon is unlikely.

The Eagles did however sign a one year contract with wide receiver Devon Allen who will hopefully end up being a big target for Hurts. It’s surprising because Allen last played football in 2016 for Oregon University. During his time away from football, Allen has been training for and participating in the Olympics where he placed in the “Top 5” in the 110m hurdles in 2016 and 2021.

In other NFL news, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen recently had a rookie card sell for a whopping $312,000. Allen’s stock continues to rise and the value of his cards, especially those that have been autographed are going through the roof!

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