Allen Robinson Puts Teammates Cooper Kupp & Matthew Stafford On BLAST For Excluding Him From Their “Breakfast Club”

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As we all know last night was a complete and utter DISASTER for the defending Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams. With them losing their home opener to the Bills 31-10 it has led the media into a FRENZY of stupid questions and hypotheticals. THe post above is obviously a total joke and if you can’t realize that then you should suck my ass hairs, you fucking moron.

Now back to the Rams being a disappointment. SOME PEOPLE (me), thought that the Vegas oddsmakers were DISRESPECTING the absolute FUCK out of the Rams by making them 2.5 point underdogs in their first game since winning the Super Bowl. SO I hedged, and I hedged heavily.

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Quite literally, none of my bets hit. I have reached a point in this whole thing that I’m not even mad. Who am I to go against the oddsmakers and call them dumb? I’m just a fat fuck from Texas with bad opinions, and even shittier grammar.

The Rams however have got to fix this shit…. It appears that wizkid Sean McVay has put together a full proof plan to recover the season and I cannot wait.


What a groundbreaking thought, go out sign a big wide reciever and maybe I don’t know FUCKING USE HIM.

Twitter was absolute hell hole last night with Stafford seeming to only throw the ball to the whites. Now, I am not saying this is true, but the internet has spoken and I am just reporting.

WE need a bounceback this weekend with a good Sunday slate of games, and I can feel some locks on the way.

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