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Allegations of Minnesota Twins’ Miguel Sano Kidnapping and Beating Up Man in Dominican Republic Pop Up

Written by Dylan Steffen

Minnesota Twins’ star third baseman, now turned first baseman with the addition of Josh Donaldson, is being accused of kidnapping and beating up a man in the Dominican Republic. Tuesday night, William Ash, a sports editor in the Dominican, posted on his Twitter that Sano had been accused of kidnapping and beating a man. The tweet is in Spanish and the translation is used by Google Translator so the translation might not be completely accurate.

Rough Translation: “Miguel Sanó has been accused of alleged kidnapping and beating up a young man from SPM, denounces lawyer Odalis Ramos. Sana clarifies that it has nothing to do with the matter, that the lawyer and the family of the boy Raudy Sánchez what they want is money. They ask for 10 million …”

Odalis Ramos claimed in a video posted online that Sano and three others kidnapped Raudy on May 6th. Odalis also claims that Sano wanted to hang him because he believes Raudy was involved in a rape of his younger brother. The video is in Spanish.

Also on Tuesday night, Sano spoke to El Nuevo Diario, a newspaper in the Dominican, denying that charges filed against him by Raudy’s relatives saying ” That is false, I did not kidnap or beat up Raudy, who raped an eight-year-old brother of mine.”

Sano continued by saying, “The police and my three friends did search for Raudy and my stepbrother, but I stayed in my vehicle. The lawyer, Odalis Ramos, and Raudy’s family are looking for money, they asked me for 10 million pesos, but I told him that I was not going to give him anything because I have done nothing. I am the affected, they are two abusers who raped my little brother.”

“Mr. Ramos hurt me with that video, so I am going to sue him for 30 million for damages to my image. What I am is a baseball player, not a kidnapper or a murderer, I am a professional like him”, continued Sano. Sano is said to be holding a press conference today (Wednesday) to speak about these accusations.

Raudy Sanchez de la Cruz’s attorney says he denied the day of the kidnapping that he participated in a rape of Sano’s younger brother.

This is not the first time Sano has been accused of heinous crimes. In 2018, a photographer said Sano grabbed and tried to kiss her in 2015. Sano denied that those allegations ever happened and following an investigation he was not suspended by Major League Baseball. Also in 2018 Miguel Sano was arrested in the Dominican Republic for running over a police officer outside of nightclub, that resulted in the breaking of the officer’s leg. Police spokesperson said the hit was accidental and not intentional and Sano was released without charges being pressed.

Update: 4:00 PM PST; Sano’s press conference has been postponed at the request of the Minnesota Twins.

This is a developing story that will updated following any more information released.

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