All Super Bowl Locations: Location for 2023 and How They Are Chosen

The Super Bowl, the biggest event in American football, is a highly anticipated event not only for fans of the game, but for the host cities as well. The process of selecting the host site for the Super Bowl is a careful one, as the NFL takes into account multiple factors. Furthermore, the host stadium is chosen well in advance, providing teams, fans, and cities with ample time to prepare for the influx of tourists during the week of the event.

In this article, we will delve into the factors that the NFL considers when selecting a host site, as well as take a look at the host stadiums for upcoming Super Bowls. Without further delay, let’s get started!

Where Will It Be Held

The NFL has revealed the locations for the next three Super Bowls, with this year’s game taking place in Glendale, Arizona. In addition to the venue, the Super Bowl lines are also set for football fans who enjoy betting on the games. Be sure to stay informed and not miss out on any opportunities.

Super Bowl 2023: Glendale/Phoenix

State Farm Stadium in Arizona has a history of hosting the Super Bowl, having held the event twice before in 2008 and 2015. The only other time Arizona hosted the Super Bowl was in 1996 at Sun Devil Stadium. The stadium has a seating capacity of 73,000, a retractable roof, and a retractable grass playing surface.

It also serves as the home of the Cardinals and hosts the Fiesta Bowl and Gold Cup matches. Beyond that, there have been widespread rumors about Tom Brady being part of the Super Bowl broadcast. Here is an official answer for everyone.

Super Bowl 2024: Las Vegas

Allegiant Stadium, the second youngest stadium in the NFL, will host the Super Bowl in its fifth year of operation, after opening in 2020 for the Raiders’ first season in Las Vegas. The stadium, which cost $1.9 billion to build, is the second-most expensive sports stadium ever built, behind only SoFi Stadium.

The domed stadium can seat over 71,000 people and has a grass field. It has already hosted several major events, including the 2021 Pac-12 Championship, the Las Vegas Bowl, the 2022 Pro Bowl, and the 2021 Gold Cup Final.

Super Bowl 2025: New Orleans

The Caesars Superdome, previously known as Mercedes-Benz Superdome and Louisiana Superdome, is a popular venue for hosting the Super Bowl. It has hosted the event multiple times in the past, including 1978, 1981, 1986, 1989, 1997, 2002, and 2013.

The domed stadium can seat more than 76,000 people and has a turf field. It is also the regular host of events such as the Sugar Bowl, New Orleans Bowl, BCS National Championship, College Football Playoff semifinal games, baseball games, Men’s Final Fours, and major boxing matches.

Key Aspects for Choosing Location

Given the immense popularity and excitement surrounding the Super Bowl, it is not surprising that the venues for the event are selected several years in advance, taking into account various factors. The following are the five key criteria considered when choosing a venue for the Big Game.


The seating capacity of the stadium is one of the most important factors considered when choosing a Super Bowl location. The stadium must be able to accommodate a large number of fans, which can range from 70,000 to 100,000 or more. This includes not just the seating for ticket holders but also space for media, VIPs, and other event-related activities. For instance, Super Bowl 56 was hosted in Los Angeles at SoFi Stadium (with 70,000 seats) and was expanded up to 100,240 to accommodate everyone.


The second factor that is considered when choosing a venue for the Super Bowl is the weather. Super Bowls are typically held in late January or early February, which can be a challenging time of year for outdoor locations in some parts of the country. Thus, the venue must have appropriate weather conditions for a game to be played, either indoors or outdoors.

Additional Amenities

The third factor that is considered is the amenities of the stadium. The NFL wants to ensure that the stadium has all the necessary amenities to host the Super Bowl. The NFL prefers stadiums that are located in areas with plenty of the following facilities:

  • hotel rooms;
  • restaurants;
  • near major highways; 
  • near major airports; 
  • practice fields;
  • media centers, and other event-related spaces.

Overall, the venue should not only have sufficient infrastructure to support the event itself, but also must be in a location that is easily accessible for fans and media.


The NFL also prioritizes cities and stadiums with a track record of successfully hosting major events when considering host locations for the Super Bowl, as a means of ensuring readiness and ability to host the game.

Bid Process

In the last stage of the process, the NFL evaluates the bids submitted by cities and stadiums that wish to host the Super Bowl. These bids include details about the stadium, city, and other relevant factors, and the NFL chooses the most suitable location based on these submissions.

The Leading Venue for Hosting Super Bowls to Date

The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida is the most frequently chosen venue for the Super Bowl, with a total of 11 hosting the event as of 2023. The first game took place in 1968 and the latest one in 2020.

The stadium’s location in Miami is ideal due to the warm weather and the city’s reputation as a tourist hotspot. The stadium has also undergone various renovations to improve its facilities, and its capacity of over 65,000 seats makes it suitable to host the Super Bowl. Miami’s history of successfully hosting large events is also a factor that makes it a logical choice for the Super Bowl.


All in all, the NFL selects the location for the Super Bowl through a thorough process that takes into account various factors, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a comfortable and accommodating experience for players, fans and the general audience. The stadium should be able to hold a large crowd and the city should have all the necessary amenities to provide a memorable experience.

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