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All Of The Bears Receivers Want OUT Of Chicago

Written by mrbillylocks

The Chicago Bears started off the season HOT at 5-1. The story hasn’t been the same since, though. Losing 5 in a row they’re not at 5-6 and are quickly falling out of playoff contention.

Tempers within the locker room seem to be flaring as multiple receivers seem not too happy with their team. It’s been documented Allen Robinson wants out, but Anthony Miller and Juice Wims have now entered the conversation.

Allen Robinson liked tweets saying “come to the niners” “need you in Green Bay” and “come to the Saints.”

Anthony Miller liked a tweet saying “come to New England bro”

Juice Wims liked a tweet saying “Chicago is where receivers go to die”

Safe to say, they weren’t happy after getting embarrassed by the Packers. We kind of all knew when they were 5-1 that it probably wouldn’t last, but it’s going downhill quick in Chicago.

Each of them have unliked the tweets since, probably after getting some unwanted attention. But can you blame them? Chicago, with its problems at QB right now, is not the best place for a receiver to be.

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