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All Hail The Queen Of Tiktok, Charli D’Amelio Named Forbes Person Of The Year @charlidamelio

Written by Tony

As everyone who has stayed inside and gained a good ole 20-30 pounds during quarantine, you’ve most likely noticed that Charli D’Amelio, 16 year-old mega star has been taking the world by the balls. She now has over 100 million followers on Tiktok, and as you can see below in the new Forbes article, she has been named their “Person of The Year in Social Media”.

I am fully behind the train of thought that says Charli & Dixie were built in a lab by Chinese espionage agents to break into the homes every person around the world. I honestly can’t remember a person who has risen to stardom from obscurity in the way that they have before.

Now, a lot of people love to hate on Charli, but if you do, you are a fucking grade A loser. She has done nothing wrong, and frankly all of the respect in the world has to go to this future world superpower. She has dueted and awkwardly danced her way into the forefront of Hollywood, and she will continue her world takeover in 2021. Now, you could be in the camp that says it is a little strange how much we are propping up and pimping out a 16 year old, but that’s the American dream baby! Just ask Brittany, Christina, Brooke Shields and the thousands of others we have chewed up and spit out to the tune of millions of dollars and stardom (and the crippling mental anxiety that comes with it). As an eternal optimist, I am hoping Charli stays away from the fray, takes over the world, and moves onward to live a normal life. Her family seems to be close knit, and by the looks of it, Dixie will stab a bitch that gets close to hurting Charli.

All hail the Queen, and protect Charli at all costs. She is a goddamn treasure and success story the world needs.

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