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All Gas No Brakes Show Visits Marquette, MI Beach for 4th of July Holiday| @allgasno @NMUBarstool

Written by Nate

Here’s something you may have missed this past Independence Day weekend in the Upper Peninsula.

At a beach in Marquette, Michigan, the All Gas, No Brakes show paid the beachgoers a special visit via posts by Facebook user Adrianna J. Stephens and by the show themselves.

As you can see in the videos, there was plenty of partying going on and with a lot of craziness taking place and quite the opposite for social distancing’s sake. WARNING: strong, coarse language throughout.

Even with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic still going on, let’s pray that hopefully the beaches will stay open and everyone is safe in the next two weeks, even after the shenanigans in these clips.

Some people are blaming these types of parties for the new spike of cases going up, and these are not helping go down a bit.

If you want to view the full clip from the ‘All Gas, No Brakes’ Patreon account, click here for the show’s bio page.

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