Aljamain Sterling was not impressed with Petr Yan’s Takedown Defense

Written by Noah Gagnon

Aljamain Sterling went on the UFC Unfiltered podcast today, and he had a pretty interesting take on Petr Yan. Check it out.

Now, a negative hater who hates life would probably point out the fact that Sterling went 1/17 on takedowns. 6% to be specific. But like, if you say that you’re just a loser. The cool kids like me, LOVE Aljamain Sterling. With that in mind, I bet Petr Yan’s takedown defense was absolute garbage. Like clearly all he had was one move to defend, and clearly Aljamain is gonna take him down 100 times in the rematch. Yan is Russian trash with no takedown defense, a guy with takedown defense would have made Aljo go 0/17, but that bum Yan couldn’t do it. His nickname really should be ‘No Wrestling’ am I right guys? Bum, Aljo’s gonna destroy him in the rematch.

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