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Aliens Are Communicating To Us Through TikTok

Written by mrbillylocks

Yes, you read that right. There are Aliens communicating to us through TikTok. Well…. maybe…. probably not.

Nonetheless, there is an extremely creepy glitch in the TikTok comment section right now that is giving off very weird translations.

Hop on TikTok and comment “ririririri” with however many “ri” you want. Then hit translate on it and see what your encrypted creepy message turns out to be.

Here’s the comment original comment section on a TikTok:

And here is that same comment section translated:

“The answer is. It’s a nightmare. Cry for help.”

“It’s just a matter of time”

“The mourners mourn”

Shit is just straight creepy, and it’s such a weird glitch…. if that’s what it actually is. You be the judge.

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