Alexandra Cooper Moons New York City – Must See Images!

Written by TrevStone

Call Her Daddy? Hell, I’ll call Alexandra Cooper anything that she wants. And I’m sure 99% of the people reading this agree. If you don’t know who Alex Cooper is she is the host of the popular podcast Call Her Daddy. She recently signed a huge deal with Spotify and hasn’t looked back since. Her podcast started with her and Sofia Franklyn but after Franklyn and ‘Suitman’ started turning there backs, Cooper continued with the podcast.

Recently Father Cooper posted an image on Instagram of her… literally mooning New York City. Boom! Now that is the content that I’m here for. I listened to Call Her Daddy a few times while it was on the Barstool Network, but I’ll be honest… I haven’t listened since. But whenever Cooper posts an image – I’m all for it. As long as she isn’t photoshopping them like she was called out before.

Wowzers! I’m sure you wish that you were in the building across from her. If you do or don’t you need to let us know in the new PSE Forum! Click here. Go talk shit about this blog or how you love seeing images of Cooper. But that isn’t all, I’ve got more images of her that you must see!

I’m not able to add all the images I want. You’ll have to click the button below to see more hot pictures of her, trust me you’ll want to see them.

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