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Alexandra Cooper Set to Join Barstool Sports’s New Show ‘Blackjack Boys’

Via founder Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports will be launching a new livestream gambling show that is featuring the ‘El Presidente,’ ‘Big Cat’ Dan Katz, and employee Hank Lockwood starting next week.

However, it appears that a familiar face could also be joining the show as well.

In a separate tweet, Portnoy has announced that former employee and ‘Call Her Daddy’ host Alexandra Cooper potentially may be added on to the show too.

Pretty interesting get for Portnoy even after the drama that went on with Cooper and her former co-host Sofia Franklyn. Along with the fallout that occurred after the fact.

Hopefully the show will get off the ground with having Cooper join up with the boys for gambling talk. It does sound like a good concept to work on for Portnoy and the bunch.

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