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Alex Stein Confronts Barstool Sports Staff at their Headquarters (Video)

Written by Nate

The staff at Barstool Sports had themselves an entertaining morning as an unwelcome visitor came into headquarters wanting to confront Dave Portnoy and one of his cohorts.

On Twitter, comedian/troll Alex Stein was doing a video visiting the Barstool headquarters and attempted to confront Portnoy on his past actions and comments towards him and a former employee.

He had brought along two people with him in this confrontation, but all three were physically forced out by security and staff.

Stein had claimed that former ‘King of the South’ Ben Minzty (Mintzy) was fired due to him knowing Alex for years. He also called out Portnoy for Dave’s ‘press release’ for not taking part in one party and Dave calling himself ‘the Last True American.’

To be fair on the above picture, it is kind of petty that someone like Portnoy would be fire Mintzy for just knowing a person who have different values or beliefs than him.

It is possible that Stein will get some type of ban from Barstool Sports altogether, but we just have a feeling that this feud between Portnoy and Alex is far from over.


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