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Alex Ovechkin’s Wife Is Hot; NHL’s Greatest Hits Of All Time: Watch Here!

I’m sure everyone here know who Alex Ovechkin is. I could go into details about his stats and how he helped lead his team to a Stanley Cup win in 2018. But the most important thing to remember about Alex Ovechkin is that he is better than Sidney Crosby.

Ovechkin might be the most notable sports figure in the Washington DC area. While there have been other sports greats in the DC area, Ovechkin may be the most beloved by DC fans

With all that said, one thing many do not know is that Ovechkin has a smoking hot wife. If you’ve never seen her before, be sure to check out the pictures below!

Who doesn’t love a good hockey fight? NBC Sports put out a great video on their YouTube channel of the greatest fights on the ice. Be sure to check the video out below!

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