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Alex Kirilloff Makes MLB Debut in Postseason

Written by Jameus Mooney

The Twins are looking to stay in the Postseason, which would require them to win a game. To do such, they’re pulling out all of the stops, including benching Byron Buxton and moving Max Kepler to centerfield so that they can start…Alex Kirilloff?

The 22-year old outfield prospect is making his Major League debut, and not only that, he is the first ever player to make his MLB debut by starting in a postseason game.

He is the Twins #2 overall organizational prospect, but his road to the Majors has been tricky, as he missed all of 2017 with Tommy John Surgery. He returned in 2018 with a bang, hitting to a .970 OPS in A Ball. As he moved through the system, a wrist injury limited him to only 94 games in 2019.

Congratulations to Kirilloff.

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