Alabama high school students filmed using racist slurs |”They Do Football and Rap Music For Us”

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A video showing Alabama high school students drinking and using racist slurs at home are going viral. In the video, shared on Facebook a group of white students are going back and forth talking about the Holocaust, about Jewish people, and about African-Americans, using the n-word multiple times in a derogatory manner.

“Jews are fine because they’re white,” a girl says. “We just need the n—-‘s gone.”

The teens attend schools in Hoover, a suburb south of Birmingham. Hoover High School, along with Spain High School.

Hoover City Councilman Derrick Murphy said, “I am saddened by the words and thoughts of these children. There is no excuse for hate speech; or hate for that matter. This does not represent our city.”

Spain Park High School senior Unique Simpson, in a statement to, said, “Honestly, I am so sick and tired of going through this same routine at Spain Park High School.” Simpson, who is African-American, said multiple incidents have happened at the school that she feels have not been handled well by administrators. “I’ve been through so many personal experiences,” she said. “This needs to stop.”

The kids in this video are being identified as: Coleman Gunnells, Mackenzie Stewart, Ethan Guenther, and Jack Majewski.

Athletes are starting to speak out about this. This is such a sad video, these students should be expelled.

Here is what Detroit Lions DT Damon Harrison had to say:

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