Alabama Football Player Drove 141 mph To Evade Police

Written by Tony Ghaul

University of Alabama freshman defensive back Tony Mitchell has been suspended indefinitely by the football team over his arrest last week. More details regarding the incident have come out.’s Mike Rodak this week published the entire police report from the incident, which took place on Wednesday March 15.

Mitchell was driving with his friend Christophere Lewis in Holmes County, Fla., where they were stopped. According to the police report, an officer initially flagged the black Dodge Challenger being driven by Mitchell for driving 78 mph in a 55-mph zone.

Upon hearing the police sirens, Mitchell accelerated and was later clocked at speeds over 141 mph in an effort to evade the police. He successfully ran away from the police but was spotted several minutes later and pulled over at that time.

Mitchell was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell and/or distribute, as over $7,000 in cash, 226 grams of marijuana and a firearm were found in the car.

The Holmes County Sheriff’s Office showed evidence found in the car Tony Mitchell was traveling in. Photo courtsey of The New York Post

Officers found Mitchell’s eyes “red and glazy” while he offered slow and delayed responses to their questions.

“When asked if there was marijuana in the vehicle, Mitchell produced a baggie of marijuana from the passenger floorboard,” the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office wrote on its Facebook page on March 16.

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban spoke with the media on Monday and said that Mitchell, a former four-star prospect, was being suspended from all team activities until they learned more about the situation and Mitchell’s legal circumstance.

Photo courtsey of Dawg Nation

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