Aj’s Very Early Super Bowl 53 Prediction

Written by AJ

That’s right, we are not even in preseason yet, and I will be predicting who will win Super Bowl LIII.

With the Super Bowl 53 odds as depicted in this visual representation we start with looking at the odds, naturally the New England Patriots are at 5 to 1 odds, while the defending Super Bowl champions, Philadelphia Eagles are at 8 to 1 odds, there is another team but we will get to them later. Behind the Eagles are the Los Angeles Rams at 10-1, and the Green Bay Packers at 12 to 1 odds.

While the Patriots are fans natural favorite to win the Super Bowl, this will be another year they do not win it. Shifting toward the defending champions, we still do not know a definitive timeline on Wentz’s return. In addition, this is their hangover season so they will have a lot to prove. Behind the Eagles and one other team are the LA Rams. This team would have been a strong contender but they are my second choice, the Rams have made strong acquisitions throughout the free agency and the off-season in general. Finally, the Green Bay Packers look to bounce back from a disappointing season last year, even though Aaron Rodgers does not seem fazed at all as he is enjoying the off season.


Now, the next Super Bowl champions will, the team tied with 8 to 1 odds with the Eagles, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With ‘Big Ben’ as quarterback this season I believe he has one more title in him before he retires, which speculations had him retiring this off season.

The next position we turn to is running back, they have again, another situation with Le’Von Bell. It looks like Bell will be hit another franchise tag unless they can come to an agreement. Le’Von really wants to stay in the Burgh, and quoted, “I want to retire a Steeler”, so you know he is all in, it is interesting waiting to hear what the Steelers are saying about this. Sport casters have said this is only creating drama between the team, and will have an effect on their season, however Bell is an elite running back and they also had this situation arise last season so I think they can deal with it. Antonio Brown addressed this situation by stating, “The team will deal with it in a positive way. Obviously, we had a dose of it last year. I think everyone will know how to handle it this year with regards to how the situation is unfolding. We will open him back with open arms.”

With veteran receivers like Antonio Brown, or Juju Smith-Schuster coming back healthy, there is no worry about a passing game. Even the O-Line returning majority of the line, protecting Big Ben to make those big plays will be no problem.

The Steeler’s defense is still in tack as well. I mean of course losing Ryan Shazier is huge, and I mean HUGE, however, T.J. Watt has stepped up. Plus, with the shift of Bud Dupree this is the step he needs to get to his next level of play and skill in the league. The starting defensive line of Heyward, Hargrave, and Tritt is a trio not to messed with. Philadelphia truly has the most solid defensive unit.


Pittsburgh Steelers will be the Super Bowl LIII champions by the energy and intimidation they bring to their opponents every week. coming in at 8 to 1odds, this is a team to bet on.

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