On Tuesday, Aidan Hutchinson’s Mom, Melissa reflected on her family’s “winning weekend,” which included a gold-medal victory for daughter Mia in a martial arts tournament, and son Aidan’s first career interception in Detroit’s 15-9 victory against Green Bay.

“A winning weekend of gold and cold moves,” Melissa wrote on Instagram. “…even Aaron rodgers was smiling 😏.”

The “cold moves” she was referring to seemed to be a reference to Hutchinson intercepting Rodgers in the end zone. The Instagram post also featured a smiling Rodgers next to her son, the No. 2 overall pick of the NFL Draft.

Aidan Hutchinson picked off the Green Bay quarterback in the end zone in his previous game. Photo courtsey of USA Today Sports

After the game, Rodgers made comments about the loss to appeared to be a jab at the Lions. “Can’t lose a game like that against that team, though, so that’s going to hurt for a while,” Rodgers said during a postgame press conference.

This year’s No. 2 overall pick Hutchinson with his mom Melissa. Photo courtsey of Melissa Hutchinson Instagram.


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