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After The Matt Stafford Gaffe, Here Is A Definitive Ranking Of All The People Dumber Than Our Founder, Trevor Stone. | @TrevStoneCEO

Written by Tony

Trevor has put his life into PSE, founding the company when he was 13 years old, shooting off precum clearer than the nights sky over a corn field. As a lifelong Lions fan, he has put his blood sweat and tears to be a trusted fan and reporter within the tight-knit community. Today, before the biggest news dump from the franchise since Megatron retiring, Trevor put out this beauty of a tweet.

He, was promptly roasted and ratio’d as he deserved, and was even retweeted by @ColdTakesExposed. Rough day, but as his employee, I find it imperative to stick up for his honor, and put together a definitive list of all the people on planet earth, dumber than Trevor Uren.

So here it goes…

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And there it is! The definitive all encompassing list!

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