We have finally made it, draft week is here. The NFL loves to drag this stuff out, the draft should have happened a week or two ago but here we are. We have heard all the rumors and seen all the mocks draft possible, not much more could be said about this draft. The big rumor going on now is about the 49ers and who they will select at three.

The 49ers have been rumored to select Mac Jones since they traded up to the number three pick. This pick isn’t a shocker, not saying Jones is better than Fields or Lance. But it won’t surprise me at all if the 49ers go with Jones over those two. Shanahan wants a guy he can simply plug in his offense and run it the way he wants. That guy is Mac Jones, again I don’t think Jones is better than Fields or Lance but this is the way Shanahan will want to go.

The great thing about this draft is no more virtual draft and no Roger Goodell being weird in his basement like last year. That was cringe and just weird to watch. We get to hear a live crowd boo Goodell again which is refreshing. We already know who the first two picks will be, Trevor Lawrence at one and Zach Wilson at two. The first three picks will be quarterbacks, which hasn’t happened since 1999. We are three days away and I can’t wait. Sick of the rumors and Mock Drafts, let’s get this show on the road. It is officially draft week.


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