As part of the recent cuts that are happening in the WWE, one former female wrestler, who has been reportedly ‘fired,’ has put in a request for a podcast over at Barstool Sports.

On her recent tweet, Canadian wrestler Chelsea Green reached out to the ‘El Presidente’ Dave Portnoy on Twitter to see if they would like to have a female wrestling podcast over there.

There has been blogs about the WWE and pro wrestling altogether including the Rasslin’ podcast that happened last year with Brandon Walker as host and moderator, but it didn’t feature a former/current wrestler or performer that can provide expertise and knowledge from the ring.

In our opinion, Chelsea may get her wish from Dave or the Barstool Sports if that’s the case. She could join Brandon and the Rasslin’ podcast or they can have Chelsea make her own focusing the Diva wrestling landscape.

It will be very good for the wrestling and Barstool Sports business, it could bring in fans and make money from it. Chelsea is pretty much on to something here, and I like it.


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