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Afroman Shows Up Late To Concert In Upper Michigan, Has Awesome Performance, Controversy Stirs

Written by TrevStone

What a long night. Talk about a Wednesday night gone too long. Last night Afroman performed in Iron Mountain, Michigan and his performance went great! But everything went too long. The event started early and then drama started coming up, where is Afroman?

It seemed as if the DJ on stage just kept prolonging everything. A couple hours later and there he was. The one and only Afroman. Maybe me saying a couple hours is a little much but it surely felt like it. Standing on hard concrete for hours and hours? Surely wasn’t too fun. But getting to smoke some weed and watch Afroman perform? At the end of the day was it worth it? Yeah.

I paid $30 to have a night of music that ended with Afroman. Was it a little disrespectful for Afroman and his team to show up late? Yes. Actually more than a little. Was very disrespectful.

People in the crowd started asking “When?” if the DJ was to ask if the crowd was ready for Afroman.

“No artists don’t do that. It was wrong of him to do that to you. When they sign a contract they are suppose to uphold that contract. I’m glad it turned out when he showed but, it was VERY wrong of him to do that to you and his paying concert goers. But all in all Great job Dave” – Miranda wrote on Facebook

I have been to many clubs in Las Vegas and the same thing always happens. They have the music going and then the main performer comes out for a half hour and that all. You paid to see someone, get a quick performance… late at night at that. And then it’s over.

It wasn’t the venues fault, at all. If anything I think that the MAXX Center where is was held did a great job of putting the event together.

I’ll be back for more events.

But then I got high!


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