AEW Taking The Spotlight Away From WWE | Will CM Punk Debut Tonight?

The biggest show of the summer and of the year is this weekend for WWE and nobody is talking about it. In the wrestling world all the talk is about one company and one man….. AEW and their possible contract agreement with CM Punk. AEW started back in 2019 as an alternative to the WWE way but now it has quickly became the pinnacle of wrestling companies. Tonight at 10/9c on TNT AEW Rampage CM Punk is rumored debut in AEW and what better way than in his hometown and in the building where Jordan built his legacy.

CM Punk left the wrestling ring back in 2014 and besides a few Indy booking where he was in a disguised hasn’t stepped back inside until tonight. CM Punk has a stacked roster that he is stepping into that he can easily tell a story with. The first feud of Punks is most likely going to be Darby Allin as Darby had this to say

This truly is a groundbreaking night for AEW and could strap an even bigger rocket to them if CM Punk does debut tonight. What do you want to see CM Punk do first in AEW? Do you think he is going to show up? Let us know on twitter!

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