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AEW Star MJF Calls Rosie O’Donnell A “Dumb Fat B***h” @The_MJF

All Elite Wrestling star MJF is one that’s never shy to make headlines.

He has taken the TNT world by storm each and every week on Dynamite. He is leading the most talked about faction in professional wrestling with The Pinnacle. He just opened up his own cryptocurrency. That’s not all though. Not by a long shot. He has also called Rosie O’ Donnell a ‘dumb, fat b***h.”

His words, not mine.

You see, a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away), the one and only Maxwell Jacob Friedman appeared on the Rosie O’Donnell Show. Remember that? It used to be a somewhat relevant talk show by the somewhat relevant female. How or why she is famous; who knows? Who cares?

Here is the infamous clip:

Anyways, MJF impressed everybody, showcasing his talents. Even at such a young age, it was pretty clear this guy got “it.” At just five years old, the guy was talking circles around the talk show host. No wonder that thing sank and was never heard from again. Yikes. Fast forward to 2021…and MJF is still speaking his mind, and he has not forgotten Ms. Rosie.

While appearing on the Game Marks podcast:

“Rosie is a dumb fat b***h. Keep that in, don’t edit it out. We tried to reach out to her several times. I would be giving her the rub by the way, not the other way around. She desperately needs the limelight right now. I’m on top of the world. We thought it would be interesting if we could have another interview while I’m on top of the world. To my knowledge, her people declined, probably out of fear for me showing the world that she still owes me money from the last time I did an interview with her. I was never compensated. She stole money from a five-year-old, who does that? Sickening. I got Shrek ears and a $25 coupon to Dunkin Donuts.”

Yikes. Them are fighting words. Now the interview is DEFINITELY not happening!

In my opinion, minus the crude language, MJF is right. Rosie would be banking off him for fame right now, not the other way around. I can’t believe Ms. O’Donnell would turn down the request. Or her team. Like she needs a freakin’ team! Either way, it would have made for an epic interview and photo opportunity. The press would have ate it up because the 25 year old did exactly as he proclaimed two decades earlier. MJF called his shot. He sang, danced and wrestled his way to the top of the world.

Sorry Rosie but MFJ is better than you, and you know it!

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