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AEW Revolution Review | #AEW #AEWRevolution

Written by Colby Faria

AEW’s first PPV event of the century just wrapped up in Chicago, Illinois. It was an unbelievably incredible show filled with terrific matches & jaw-dropping surprises mixed in throughout.

Let’s not waste anymore time & get right into the action…

I’ll have a quick rundown of the card & results then we’ll get into the show, segment-by-segment.

  • AEW World Championship – Jon Moxley defeated Chris Jericho (C)
  • AEW Tag-Team Championship – Kenny Omega & Adam Page (C) defeated The Young Bucks
  • AEW Women’s Championship – Nyla Rose (C) def Kris Statlander
  • Singles Match – MJF defeated Cody
  • Singles Match – Jake Hager defeated Dustin Rhodes
  • Singles Match – Darby Allin defeated Sammy Guevara
  • Singles Match – PAC defeated Orange Cassidy
  • Tag-Team Match – Dark Order defeated So Cal Uncensored

Segment 1 – Tag-Team Match – Dark Order (Stu Grayson & Evil Uno) vs So Cal Uncensored (Scorpio Sky & Kazarian). This tag match will begin & end the “Buy-In” pre-show. Kazarian starts out on fire & sends Grayson & Uno right to the outside of the ring, but Dark Order are able to recover & throw Kazarian into the ring post. We get some back & forth between the two teams as Grayson is able to lay out Kazarian with a nasty looking lariat to the back of Scorpio Sky’s head for the victory. After the match, Dark Order’s “minions” come out & attack SCU but out comes Chicago’s own, Colt Cabana to make the save. Then somebody comes out to the ring dressed in a Black hood appearing to be Dark Order’s “Exalted One” but it’s Christopher Daniels who rushes the ring & takes out Dark Order as SCU & Cabana celebrate. Ring announcer Justin Roberts introduces Tony Schiavone & Jim Ross who join Taz & Excalibur on commentary as the 4 hype up tonight’s PPV. *Jim Ross announces that the opening match to the PPV will be Dustin Rhodes against Jack Swagger…not Jake Hager…but Jack Swagger…it appears that we’re in for a long night with Good Ole’ JR.*

Segment 2 – Jake Hager vs Dustin Rhodes. Rhodes makes his entrance with QT Marshall followed by Hager making his entrance & he stops to kiss his wife who’s seated at ringside. The match begins as the bell rings & we’re underway. We get some terrific back & forth for a few minutes as the action picks up when Rhodes sets Hager up for “Shattered Dreams” but Hager gets out of the way, Rhodes hits “Code Red”, goes for the cover but Hager kicks out at 2. Rhodes locks Hager in an arm-bar but Hager rolls out of it & applies an ankle lock on Rhodes but Rhodes flips Hager into referee, Aubrey Edwards who barely gets out of the way, but is distracted long enough for Hager to hit Rhodes with a low-blow & then gets the win via submission after Rhodes’ goes unconscious after Hager locks in a sleeper hold.

Segment 3 – Darby Allin vs Sammy Guevara. These guys start brawling immediately at ringside each hitting heavy shots as Guevara gets the upper hand, sets up a table at ringside, puts Darby on it & hits a 630 splash from the top rope. Guevara gets in the ring, Darby eventually crawls in as well as the referee rings the bell & the match is officially underway. Guevara lights Darby up with a running knee & goes for the cover but Darby kicks out at 2. The pair trade some beautiful, high-flying, fast-paced offense for awhile then Guevara lays Darby out with a “Spanish Fly” from the top rope, again goes for the cover but Darby once again, kicks out at 2 as the crowd starts chanting “AEW”. Darby is able to recover & hits a nice flying stunner then goes to the top rope & hits his signature “Coffin Drop” from almost halfway across the ring & gets the 3-count for the victory. After the match, Darby retrieves his skateboard at ringside & before he hits Guevara with it, Jake Hager comes down & takes Guevara out of the ring.

Segment 4 – AEW Tag-Team Championships – Kenny Omega & Adam Page (C) vs The Young Bucks. Before the match, we see a very nicely done video package hyping it up. Both team’s make their entrances, ring announcer, Justin Roberts introduces all of the participants, the bell rings & we’re officially underway. Nick & Omega go back for forth for a couple of minutes before they both tag out to Page & Matt. The pair reverse each other’s moves a few times then they face-off. Matt extends his hand for a handshake but Page spits in his face, instead. Matt then wipes it off & tackles Page & unloads with some punches. The Bucks offer some tag-team offense on Page & pump up the Chicago crowd who are all behind them. Page is back on the offensive & drills Matt with some knees to the ribs. Omega puts his hand out for the tag but Page slaps him in the chest to make the tag instead of his hand. Omega stares at Page then hits Matt with a back-breaker then goes for a cover but Matt kicks out at 2. Omega tags Page back in. Page throws Matt to the outside & tosses him into the steel barricade then throws him back in the ring as Omega & Page trade turns in chopping Matt’s chest then hits him with a double back suplex & whale on his “injured” back. Matt breaks out of the double team with an overhead throw then tags in his brother, Nick who starts unloading on both, Omega & Page. Nick hits Omega with a nice diving moonsault to the outside of the ring. He gets back in the ring & applies a leg submission to Page but Omega comes in & breaks it up then jumps back on the apron so Page can make the tag. Nick rolls out of the ring & Omega goes for a suicide dive but Matt drills him with a kick to the face before he can jump as Nick gets back in the ring for a pin attempt but Omega lifts his shoulders before the 3-count. The crowd is hot, trading “let’s go, Kenny” & “let’s go Bucks” chants. Matt & Omega are the legal men & trade some heavy back & forth punches & elbows, Omega goes for the tag but Nick pushes Page off of the apron as Matt nails Omega with a pile-driver in the ring then goes for the cover but again, Omega kicks out at 2. Matt makes the tag to Nick who applies a headlock to Omega. Omega breaks out & hits Nick with a power-bomb & tags in Page. Page takes both Bucks’ out with some nasty strikes then hits Nick with a lariat on the apron & kicks Matt out of the ring then starts screaming in middle of the ring. Page takes out both men again, this time with a moonsault to the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Page drills Nick with a big lariat but drags Nick to his brother, Matt so he can make the tag because he wants a piece of Nick. Matt is tagged in & the pair slug it out until Page lays him out with a big boot. Page tags in Omega as the two hit a German suplex on Matt, Omega goes for the cover & Matt kicks out at 2. Omega looks frustrated then tags in Page as Matt tags in Nick. They trade some more back & forth for awhile. Omega hits a v-trigger on Matt & a nasty pile-driver on Nick & then goes for a cover, but Nick kicks out at 2. Matt hits 3 straight “Northern Lights” suplexes to Page on the outside of the ring. The Bucks hit a “Meltzer Driver” on Page on the ramp & the crowd are pouring down boo’s. The brothers start drilling Omega with super-kick after super-kick as Omega looks lifeless then they hit a double v-trigger & Nick goes for the cover but Omega kicks out at 1 & tells them to do it again. They do it again & Omega kicks out at 2. The Bucks start stomping on the shoulder that Omega injured in his iron-man match, Wednesday night against PAC. The Bucks go for a Meltzer Driver on Omega but Page is back up at throws Nick through a table at ringside. Omega & Page hit Matt with a v-trigger/buckshot combination, Omega goes for the pin but Matt somehow kicks out at 2! Omega goes for the 1-winged angel but Matt breaks out of it. Omega tags in Page & Page hits the 1-winged angel & goes for the cover but Nick breaks up the count at 2! Page drills Nick with a buckshot then drills Matt with a buckshot & finally gets the 3-count to retain the titles. What a match. After the match, the Bucks offer to shake hands, Omega obliges but Page walks out of the ring but stands on the apron, drops his title & teases that he’s going to hit Omega with a buckshot but Omega turns around & Page helps him out of the ring & the two walk out together. Huge tease there, though.

Segment 5 – AEW Women’s Championship – Nyla Rose (C) vs Kris Statlander. Both ladies make their entrance, Justin Roberts makes the introductions & this one is underway. They start it off with a test-of-strength & Nyla lays out Statlander but Statlander flips right back up. The challenger hits the champion with a couple of back-flip dives, goes for the cover but Nyla kicks out at 2. Nyla has the match back under control as she throws Statlander out of the ring, kicks her a few times, tosses her back into the ring, backs up the ramp & runs full-speed at Statlander & hits a spear through the ropes & goes for the cover but Statlander stays alive after kicking out at 2. Statlander gets some offense in, knocks Nyla to the outside of the ring then hits 2 straight suicide dives then tosses her back into the ring hits a dropkick, goes for the cover but Nyla kicks out at a 2-count. The pair trade some back & forth as Nyla has Statlander grounded with a headlock then goes for a splash but Statlander gets her knees up, Nyla picks her back up & plants Statlander with the “Beast Bomb” then goes for the cover but Statlander kicks out at 2. They trade some more back & forth as both competitors are on the top rope & Statlander hits Nyla with a super-plex, goes for the cover but Nyla kicks out. The go back to the top rope, Statlander goes for the huricarana but Nyla catches her & hits the “Beast Bomb” from the top rope then pins Statlander for the 3-count to retain her title.

Segment 6 – MJF vs Cody. MJF makes his entrance along with Wardlow. Out comes Cody his wife Brandi & mentor, Arn Anderson to a live performance of his theme song by band, Downstait. Cody appears to have a tattoo (fake, I presume) on the right side of his neck which is his American Nightmare logo. The match begins & Cody goes running directly towards MJF & MJF slips out of the ring & regroups with Wardlow. MJF gets back into the ring, breaks out of a “Cody cutter” attempt & slips back out of the ring. MJF goes into the crowd & tells Cody to come after him but Arn Anderson tells Cody to stay in the ring. MJF pumps himself up & finally gets in the ring. Cody lays him out with a heavy right hand but MJF hits Cody with a punch of his own, Cody lays him out again with a punch, goes for the cover but MJF kicks out at 1. Cody throws MJF out of the ring, runs all the way backstage to get momentum then comes flying down the ramp & nails MJF with a clothesline back into the ring, goes for another cover but MJF again kicks out, this time at 2. Cody lifts MJF up for an Alabama slam but spins around a few times first before planting MJF with the slam. Arn Anderson is doing a ton of coaching at ring-side & it appears as if Cody is listening very attentively as he keeps looking back at Arn who shouts him instructions. MJF slips out of the ring to recover, Brandi takes a fan’s beer & throws it in Wardlow’s face. Wardlow goes chasing after Brandi & Cody hits him with a suicide dive on the outside of the ring. MJF gets back into the ring & tosses Cody out of it as Wardlow drills him with a kick then throws him back into the ring. MJF takes advantage & starts working on Cody’s “injured” right arm, rolls Cody up for a cover but Cody kicks out at 2. MJF tosses Cody into the ring post, goes for another cover but Cody once again kicks out after 2-count. MJF continues to relentlessly work on the injured arm of Cody as MJF has all of Cody’s limbs locked up in a very creative submission but Cody somehow inches to the ropes & bites them so the referee is forced to break up the hold. MJF starts stomping on the right foot of Cody, who has a broken toe & then he takes Cody’s boot off & bites his foot as the crowd jeers down some expletives toward MJF. The pair trade some back & forth & MJF gets busted WIDE open & is pouring blood as Cody starts working on him on the outside of the ring then finally throws him back inside. Cody rains down punches on the open wound on MJF’s head then goes for a cover but MJF kicks out at 2. Brandi tries to hit Wardlow with a diving cross-body off of the apron as Cody rolls out of the ring to tell him to drop Brandi, Wardlow spins Brandi around & accidentally lays out Arn Anderson. Back in the ring, MJF hits Cody with a low-blow & goes for the cover but Cody kicks out at 2. Cody hits MJF with a suplex against the ropes & both guys go flying out of the ring & take nasty spills as the referee starts the 10-count. Both guys are able to get in the ring after a 9-count. The both barely get back to their feet & engage in a slug-fest. Cody goes for his father Dusty’s patented punching combo but MJF ducks out of the way. MJF hits Cody with a “Double-Cross” out of nowhere, goes for the cover but Cody kicks out. MJF takes Cody’s weight-belt off of him but the referee takes it away from him. Cody hits MJF with a low-blow, goes for the pin but MJF kicks out. Cody starts whipping MJF with the belt then twice, then throws it into the crowd. MJF crawls to Cody’s feet & begs him to stop then hugs him but spits in Cody’s face. Cody hits 2 straight “Cross-Rhodes” on MJf then MJF has his diamond ring hidden in his shorts & lays Cody out with a punch with the ring on & gets the 3-count for the win.

Segment 7 – PAC vs Orange Cassidy (with Chucky T & Trent). The crowd is chanting “Holy Sh*T” & “this is awesome”. Cassidy takes PAC down with am arm drag, PAC looks shocked & the crowd is going absolutely crazy. Cassidy rolls up PAC for a quick 2-count & PAC slides out of the ring. PAC gets back in & tosses Cassidy out then chucks him into the steel guard rail & then directly into the ring post before throwing him back into the ring. PAC drills Cassidy with a shotgun drop-kick from the top rope which sends Cassidy flying across the ring. PAC starts disdainfully kicking Cassidy in the head as his body is barely moving. PAC hits Cassidy with a vicious power-bomb, goes for the cover but Cassidy kicks out & the crowd goes crazy & begins chanting “no pulp”. PAC brings Cassidy to the top rope & plants him with an avalanche brain-buster, goes for the pin, gets a 2-count but lifts Cassidy’s shoulder himself to continue the beat-down. PAC goes to the rop tope but Cassidy rolls away. PAC hits him a couple times, goes back up to the top rope but Cassidy again rolls away as PAC is visibly frustrated. Cassidy starts smiling & jumps up & hits PAC with a suicide dive then a twisted-DDT & the cover but PAC kicks out at 2. The crowd is going absolutely ballistic for Orange Cassidy but PAC lays him out with an elbow. Cassidy jumps up & hits PAC with a stunner, fires up the crowd, goes to the top rope but PAC knocks him down. Cassidy pushes PAC off of him then hits a flying DDT, tries to go for the cover but PAC rolls out of the ring but Chuck throws him back in, Cassidy goes for the cover but PAC kicks out at a 2-count. The Lucha Brothers come out & take out Trent but Chuck lays them both out as the 2 teams continue fighting all the way to the backstage area. Back in the ring, PAC takes Cassidy down with an arm-drag then gets Cassidy to tap-out with the “Brutalizer”.

Segment 8 – AEW World Championship – Chris Jericho (C) (with Santana & Ortiz) vs Jon Moxley. Jericho had a choir sing his theme song as he entered. This match officially gets underway after Justin Roberts announced both men & referee, Aubrey Edwards. After the bell rings, these two start brawling on the outside of the ring. Jericho takes a piece of the barricade & slams it into Moxley. Moxley then bites out the stitches on Jericho’s nose. Referee, Aubrey Edwards is letting the two battle on the outside well after what would be a 10-second count, probably closer to a 10-minute count. Moxley is busted open after being it with a bell by Jericho as Jericho rolls back into the ring & taunts the crowd. Moxley crawls into the ring as Jericho stays on the attack & calls Moxley a “piece of sh*t”. Jericho rolls out of the ring & rings the bell himself, grabs a microphone & announces himself as the winner. He laughs, gets back in the ring & starts going back after Moxley then flips off the crowd who are raining down boo’s. Jericho throws Moxley outside of the ring then distracts the referee on purpose as Santana & Ortiz start attacking Moxley. Moxley is able to stay alive after crawling back into the ring before the 10-count & Jericho starts chopping at the chest of Moxley in the corner. Moxley gains control & starts laying into Jericho with kicks in the corner then locks in a heel-hook but Jericho rolls to the ropes & forces the referee to break up the count. Moxley applies the “Walls of Jericho” on Jericho. Jake Hager comes running down to the ring but Moxley hits him with an elbow, Moxley turns around & Jericho plants a “Codebreaker” on his head, goes for the cover but Moxley kicks out at 2. Jericho stays right on him & locks in the “Walls of Jericho” but Moxley gets to the ropes to force referee, Aubrey Edwards to break the hold. Jericho starts pushing Edwards around before Moxley throws him down. then lays him out with a clothesline as Hager knocks him down with a punch & Edwards kicks Hager, Santana & Ortiz out of the match. Sammy Guevara comes out from the crowd & drills Moxley with the AEW World Championship belt, Jericho goes for the cover but Moxley kicks out at 2. The two start trading elbows & forearms as Jericho pokes Moxley in the eye when Moxley goes for the “Paradigm Shift” then calls him a “blind son of a b*tch”. Jericho goes to the top rope & lands a knee on Moxley’s head. Jericho goes for the “Judas Effect” but Moxley ducks & hits the “Paradigm Shift”, takes off his eye-patch appearing that he’s been lying about having an eye-injury then drills Jericho with another “Paradigm Shift” for the win. NEW AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley. Watch the changing of the guard happen, below. After the match, Moxley grabs a microphone & thanks the fans, saying he’ll be a fighting champion then goes into the crowd to celebrate with the fans.

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