AEW Newest Superstar CM Punk Releases Statement: “I’m Back”

Written by schultzyca

WOW did the WWE fumble the bag. CM Punk legit might have received the biggest POP in sports entertainment history with his return to Chicago tonight on AEW. It has been rumored for months now that Punk might be making his return to wrestling and now Chicagos own is back with AEW.

It is nice too see Punk back in the ring because instantly he becomes behind John Cena the best talker in the industry and he has been gone for way too long. WWE messed up big time this POP could have been ten times louder if CM Punk made his return during SummerSlam next week.

This is crazy, I would have never thought CM Punk would make his return to wrestling in an AEW ring over a WWE ring even with the sour history between him and Triple H.

No one else is too blame other than Hunter because this is the one relationship he has not fixed just yet. I say just yet because Punk could be getting himself in shape why being in the limelight and then he is leaving the option open for making a return during WrestleMania. Who knows?

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