Adult Wolf Spotted in Southern Upper Peninsula Neighborhood (Gladstone)

In a viral Facebook post by Yooper Outdoors #906 early Tuesday, an adult wolf was seen on video camera in a neighborhood in Gladstone, located in the south-central Upper Peninsula.

In the screenshot photo below, you can see the wolf was strolling, walking around by a snow bank and just minding its business before scurrying into the forest just a couple seconds before another car would come by.

NOTE: the two pictures may be blurry, but the second depicts that the wolf’s head turning around when he was seen.

The wolf was believed to seen near Grace Church on Tipperary Avenue in Gladstone. Luckily, there appeared to be no people or animals nearby the wandering wolf before the oncoming car drove by.

Feel free to click here to watch the full, quick video of the wolf and its little adventure.

**Original Video and Photo Courtesy to Yooper Outdoors #906/Facebook**

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