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Adult Entertainers Deserve Higher Wages; Studios Need To Share More Profits!

Written by Chris Powers

As someone who follows the business end of the adult film industry closely, I was amazed to see how little the annual median average salary was for an adult entertainer.

This is absolutely mind blowing. The average adult film entertainer earns $61,000. Is it just me, or does that seem criminally low? Sure, there are many big name adult entertainers out there that earn considerably more than this on their films, but the fact of the matter is, the studio is underpaying and undervaluing the stars of its films. Nowadays, adult entertainers are making even more on their OnlyFans accounts than they are from studio backed films.

Not only are these entertainers paid to perform the work in the movies, but they are also expected to be “work horses” and promote the heck out of their movies for free on their social media platforms. There was a time when studios had to spend a lot more money promoting films, but now they simply rely on the free promotion of the stars of their films with their social media following. Are the adult entertainers receiving additional compensation for studios having access to their stars social media platforms? Absolutely not.

Simply put, it is time that adult entertainers rally around one another and support each other to earn more fair wages. Especially those stars who are on top of the world earning those big bucks, it is only fair to support your fellow co-workers of the industry to help prevent them from getting ripped off by studio heads.

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