Adrian Peterson’s Reaction To D’Andre Swift Starting Was The Same As Every Lions Fan

Written by Will

I love and hate this all at once. I love Peterson’s reaction, he understands where he is in his career. He is a legend on the backside of his hall of fame career. He knows Swift is special, and when Peterson thinks a running back is special, that means a lot. What I hate is the coaching staff’s stubbornness, everyone knew that Swift should have been starting for weeks, literally every fan has been begging for it. Not only the fans, but even Peterson knew that Swift should be the starter. It’s not a good look when the players seem to know more than the actual coaches.

That sadly seems to be the case in Detroit. At least the coaches finally came to their senses, but now Swift will miss this week’s game thanks to a concussion.

Of course, right when the Coaching staff makes him the main running back he gets injured. Classic Lions luck. Swift is special, in his first start he had 149 total yards and one touchdown. I still can’t believe this coaching staff took so long to realize Swift should be the starter.

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