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Addison Rae’s Dad Monty Posted A Picture Of His Daughters Nipples?! 

Someone who can’t stay out of the news lately is Monty Lopez who is the father of the popular Addison Rae. I honestly love Addison and feel awful for what her dad has been doing to her lately.

Her dad is basically going off on the deep end and doing everything and anything for clout. Which I could respect but it’s hurting Addison.

Recently he told fans to follow “zaddyml” on Instagram. Which is fine. Until you get a few scrolls down and start looking.

A little while back I did a blog about Addison Rae showing off her nipples:

Well her dad also thought his daughter looked cute and posted a picture where you can clearly see her nipples. (scroll)

Listen, she looks great. But it just seems a little off for her dad to post that picture out of them all. Did he also take that picture? If that’s the case people were questioning who took the pictures of Addison where you could see her nipples. (click here)

Was that possibly Monty taking those pictures? I surely hope not. It’s just so weird that he posted that one of his daughter.

Awkward at the least.

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